Customer FAQ

What is your policy regarding double-cupping hot beverages?

As a large franchise, Tim Hortons strives to maintain consistency across the chain. The chain-wide policy regarding double-cupping is as follows:

Double Cupping Policy:

"Hot Beverages should be served in one cup only (including steeped tea) with the exception of Specialty Tea. Double Cupping on other beverages should only be at the customers' request. When double cupping any hot beverage, the same size cup should be used."

Are pedestrians/horses/skateboards etc. allowed to order at the drive-thru window?

Tim Hortons prides itself on being an integral part of the communities where we operate. Part of our success is due to our store operations, and the excellent safety records and policies we have in place. This extends to our drive-thrus. Our TDL head office policy has always been that only vehicles licensed under the Ontario Motor Vehicles Act can be served at our drive-thrus. This policy has nothing to do with discrimination, but safety for our staff and customers.

For example, we do not allow pedestrians to walk up to the windows, even where our stores are closed and drive-thrus open 24 hours. Scooters, wheelchairs, bicycles, and snowmobiles also are not permitted. Drivers move very quickly when entering and leaving the drive-thru area, and the potential for injury is very high. For example, it would not take much for a horse to get spooked resulting in an injury to the rider, horse, or vehicle damage. There are also issues surrounding insurance, and our insurance company has insisted that only licensed vehicles be permitted to go through the drive-thru.

While such policies may seem absurd in rural areas, it is our standards that allow Tim Hortons to meet our customer's expectations every day, at any location across the chain.

Why don't you give out Timbits or treats to dogs in cars at the drive-thru window?

We no longer provide Timbits or other treats to dogs at the drive-thru window for many reasons:

As a food service provided, we must be concerned about the health and safety of our customers at all times.

Contact with pets could result in bacterial transfer into the store environment.

There is also potential risk to the employee team regarding contact with aggressive pets.

Finally, we are concerned about the health and welfare of the pets eating a treat that is not good for them.

What is Agnew Foods doing to help reduce litter?

In Our Community:

Tim Hortons Kingston is proud to be the title sponsor of Pitch in Kingston where the community volunteers to clean up litter in our community. In 2008, over 11 tonnes of litter was cleaned up! Inspecting and cleaning up our own store properties is done on a daily basis. Our staff also volunteer as part of Pitch In Kingston to do clean ups around our store neighbourhoods.

In Our Stores:

To reduce litter at each of our locations, we provide many garbage and recycling bins around our parking lot and in the drive thru lane.

As an incentive to use a travel mug, we offer our customers a 10 cent discount on all refills, in Canada. This is a national program.

To encourage reduction of paper use, most locations offer china mugs, dishes and cutlery to customers dining in our stores.

We recycle all plastic, paper, cardboard etc. that we can in each of our locations.

How can I place a large order for catering or special events?

All large orders and catering are handled by our Agnew Foods administration team. Contact 613-544-9400 with as much notice as possible for all orders and inquiries.

Do you accept InterAc Direct Payment or credit cards?

Yes, InterAc Direct Payment, Master Card and VISA are now accepted at all 18 locations. We also accept the QuickPay Tim Card, which is a pre-paid, reloadable cash card that you can used both in store and at the drive thru at any participating Tim Hortons store.

How can I submit feedback about your store(s)?

At Agnew Foods, we value your feedback! If you have feedback while in one of our stores, we recommend that you speak with the store manager right away. Alternatively, please feel free to contact the Agnew Foods administration office at 613-544-9400. If necessary, you may also contact the Tim Hortons Customer Service Department at 1-888-601-1616.