Employee FAQ

I recently moved to another part of Kingston and I am closer to another Tim Hortons location. How do I get a transfer to the store closer to where I live?

The first step is to write a letter of request by consulting the Employee Handbook and look up the Transfer Policy and Procedure. In this policy it outlines exactly what information needs to be included in the letter. The letter should be given to the Store Manager initially, and if they approve the request based on good performance and the reason for the request, then they will pass it along to members of the Human Resources Department for final approval and processing. There is no guaranteed time frame for approval or processing of a transfer request. It may also be a good plan to meet with your Store Manager to discuss scheduling and availability until the transfer request is processed if transportation is now an issue.

I don't feel comfortable talking to my Store Manager or General Manager about concerns/issues that I have at work, who can I talk to?

The Open Door Policy stresses the importance of communicating workplace concerns and issues with a member of management so that we can discuss the matter and come up with a solution together. If you do not feel comfortable having an initial meeting with either the Store Manager or General Manager for your store location then you should contact the office and make an appointment with a member of the Human Resources Department. We can discuss the matter together and then decide on the best course of action. We are also available to meet with you and give advice on certain situations without actually getting involved in the situation directly if that is what is preferred based on the situation.

I want to move up within the organization, what should my next step be?

First and foremost, it is important to focus on ensuring that your current job performance is meeting expectations. Schedule a meeting with your Store Manager to discuss your short and long term goals and interest in taking on more responsibility. If they feel that your performance meets expectations, then they will forward your name onto the Human Resources Department for consideration. If they feel that there are areas of your job performance that should be improved, then they may set some specific goals with you to achieve over a period of time before they feel comfortable submitting your name. If the latter is the case, please don't feel discouraged, as this is an important step in the process. Once your name is submitted and information is gathered, you will be required to meet with either the Human Resources Manager or the Training Coordinator to exchange information before moving forward.

Where can I find more information on benefits to help make an informed choice?

There are several ways to obtain this information. You can refer to your Employee Handbook that was given to you at your orientation. This information can be found on pages 49 and 50. This Employee Handbook can also be found in each of our store locations and on this website. Specific questions can be directed to the Accounting Supervisor.

How do I switch my benefits selection?

The three options for the Team Tim Hortons Benefits Program are, Medical/Dental Benefits, RRSP Savings Plan and the Scholarship option. If you would like to change your selection, we usually request that you do so around the anniversary of your date of hire in writing to the Human Resources Department. When we receive the written request, we will contact you to confirm certain information and discussing the details regarding making the change.

How do I redeem my Tim Points?

There are a few ways to redeem your Tim Points including making a request with your Store Manager or emailing Kylie Vincent directly at Kylie@agnewfoods.com. We ask that you allow adequate time to process the request by ensuring that you make the request in advance of needing the Gift Certificates or in advance of the Monday of a payroll week if you are requesting a cash bonus be placed onto your pay.

How do I find out what my Tim Points balance is?

Balance and reward updates are attached to each individual employee's pay stub once per month usually on the pay period following the end of the month. You may also request this information from your Store Manager as they receive a printout of the information however it is only as current as the payroll update attachments. You can also email Kylie directly at Kylie@agnewfoods.com.

What should I do if I have ordered additional uniform items or Tim Points Reward Merchandise and I have not received the items?

Your first step should be to check with a member of your management team to ensure that the order was placed with the office. If it has, this person can contact the office to check on the status of the order or request.

What is the difference between full-time hours and part-time hours?

When an employee is hired for full-time hours, the individual is guaranteed 40 hours per week. If an employee is hired part-time, then they are not guaranteed a set number of hours. Part-time is considered any amount less than 40 hours per week. This is based on availability of hours from the store, the employee's availability and preferred target number of hours and their original agreed upon offer of employment.

When is it ok for full-time employees not to be given full-time hours?

There are only a few select situations when this is ok. During our seasonal slowdown period, which can extend from January to the end of March, we experience lower sales levels. Rather than lay employees off, we reduce all employees on a shift equally if necessary. Generally, this means 4 shifts or 32 hours rather than 5 shifts and 40 hours, but only when necessary.

If an employee requests time off and it is approved, then that might take away from the full-time hours that they would normally have been scheduled that week.

If there have been severe issues with reliability or scheduling around another job, then an employee may receive written notification that they will formally be changed from full-time status to part-time status. We are required to provide notice based on how long the employee has been with the organization. Generally, this amounts to about one week per year that the employee has been employed.

I recently started a new part-time job and I am no longer available to work weekends, what do I do?

Most employees are required to work at least two weekends per month, regardless of other jobs or childcare arrangements. There are a few exceptions to this rule:

Should an employee be hired, or move into a part-time short shift position, usually reserved for those that work 3-5 hours during morning peak period, they are not required to work weekends. This is something that is agreed upon when the person is hired or documentation in their employee file that they have switched from one position, to this new position.

There are a select number of employees that have been given an exemption from this scheduling requirement. The decision is made only by the Human Resources Department and is based on the employee having over 10 years of service, a good performance record, maternity leave return circumstances etc.

How do I change the availability that was agreed upon when I was first hired?

We request that the employee commit to the initial availability that they were hired with for a period of at least six months. A job is offered to an employee based on both their actual and preferred availability. In order to request a change to an individual's availability, this request must be done in writing with at least two weeks notice, to your store management team, pending approval. Approval is based on the needs of the store and fairness to other employees. If the request will not work out, then the management team will try to work together with the individual to reach an appropriate compromise.

Between this position, my other part-time job and school, I don't have a lot of time to commit to Tim Hortons right now, what can I do?

The minimum requirements for availability are that an employee work at least one shift per week or two shifts within a biweekly pay period. If an employee can't be available to work at least this amount then they may be required to submit a resignation letter of at least two weeks, and then request to be rehired when their availability and schedule allow them to work more often.

What is a Leave Of Absence?

A temporary Leave Of Absence (LOA) may be requested for special circumstances. Generally, an LOA consists of a leave of no more than 30 days. Sometimes an additional 15 may be authorized based strictly on the reason for the request. An LOA must be requested in writing directly to the Human Resources Manager with at least two weeks notice, pending approval. LOA's will not be approved for other jobs, a reaction to employee conflict, or taking the summer months off work.

What is the break policy?

You will get a 30-minute break for every 5 hours of work. In addition, when possible we get a 10-minute break. Currently, the 30-minute break is paid.

What if a co-worker is acting inappropriately or makes me feel uncomfortable?

Tim Hortons fosters a positive environment where all employees feel safe and comfortable at work. As an employee you are protected under the Workplace Harassment Policy. The first step is to make it known that the behaviour is unwanted and that you demand they stop. After this step, you must report the behaviour to either a member of the store management team or a member of the Human Resources Department.

What can I do if I have an idea that would benefit our company?

Suggestions for new product, uniform changes, and operational improvement from employees can be written down and placed into the employee comment box in your store. We often forward employee feedback directly to our head office in Oakville for their consideration.

Should an idea from a member of our team be implemented at store level that employee could be eligible to received 50 Tim Points as a reward.

What do I do if I am missing hours on my pay cheque?

When hours are missing, this must be investigated at store level with a member of the management team first to determine where they are missing from for the two-week pay period. Once this information is determined the member of the management team can make the necessary correction on the following payroll period. Any other payroll concerns or questions can be directed to the Accounting Supervisor or the Human Resources Manager at the office.

I have misplaced my copy of the Employee Handbook, where can I locate this information?

There should be a recent copy of the Employee Handbook kept on site at each store location. Please contact a member of the Human Resources Department if you require an additional copy for the store or for yourself. You can also view a copy of the Employee Handbook on this website!

As a member of Tim Hortons of Kingston do I received a discount on products?

As an employee of Tim Hortons Kingston you do receive all hot beverages for free while you are working. In addition all other items are offered to you at a 30% discount. Please have another staff member ring in your purchases and get a receipt. For the discount to apply you must ensure you do not use any paper products for your items. These discounts apply only to yourself; they do not extend to friends and family while you are working. Any product you purchase when you are not working will be charged at full price.

Previously I have been given the option to purchase Canada Savings Bonds through payroll deduction, is this something that Tim Hortons of Kingston offers?

Yes Canada Savings Bonds can be purchased October 1st - 31st of each year. This is a great way to save money consistently as the deduction is taken off each biweekly pay. The bonds are 100% guaranteed by the Government of Canada and since they cashable at anytime, they are always available to you when you need them. Another bonus is that you will not be charges fees to purchase, hold or redeem your bonds. If you are interested please see your manager or the Accounting Supervisor to sign up!

Where can I purchase non-slip footwear?

There are many options when buying non-slip footwear for the workplace. Both Walmart and Payless Shoes offer affordable selections to choose from. Should you have trouble finding the correct pair, any one of the sales associates are knowledgeable about the specification of non-slip footwear. There is a big difference between "Non-Slip or Slip Proof" and "Skid Free". Skid-Free means that the footwear doesn't leave marks on the floor. It is Non-Slip footwear that is required. Please remember to submit the shoe tag and receipt to your manager to receive your $25 shoe subsidy.

Note: Payless offers all Tim Hortons employees 15% off the purchase of non-slip footwear!